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| STEP - BY - STEP |

We’re passionate about helping brands find their creative voice. We know launching a business, branding or

re-branding your business can be stressful and overwhelming, that's why we've have made a conscious effort to create a process for our clients that is seamless and broken it down into 4 stages, and trust we will be there for you from

start to finish, not only to guide you but keep you updated during the process as well. 



After our initial call, you will receive a confirmation email outlining what we discussed and an overview of of the project in detail along with a final quote. Before the project starts you will receive a link to our agreement for you to sign, an invoice for your deposit for you to pay, a client welcome packet as well as a questionnaire for you to complete. This questionnaire will help ensure that we have a clear vision of your project.



The first stage is all about getting to know each other and for us to learn more about your business, ideas, vision, ideal customer, what services you are looking for and how we can accommodate this. It will start with a chat for us to iron out any questions from both ends and see how well we vibe and find out if this can turn into a successful partnership.



At this stage we take over so you can sit back and relax for a bit while we get the design process started. This process will look different depending on the requirements for each project, but generally the first step is the strategy before moving onto the remaining parts. Once your project has begun to take shape, you will receive a presenter of the design concept for you to provide feedback. When we have received the feedback we will finalise this and carry on with the design process, working along you in every step as we value your input and consider it to be crucial for you to be part of the process.


Once we've reached this stage we have finally arrived at the moment you've been waiting for and the most exciting part. This is when you will receive a direct download link to all the finalised work and if the project included a website you will be granted access to this. You will now have all the tools you needed to take your business to the next level. This is when we both celebrate!

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