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We specialise in branding and web design for new and existing businesses and have a passion for helping businesses find their right identity. CC CREATIVE was created out of a passion of helping starting entrepreneurs, so therefor we wanted to ensure that our services offered something for everyone no matter their budget. 


Attract the right customer in an easy way.

Make sure your brand & website truly resonate with your customer.

Feel confident that your brand is communicated in a correct & consistent way.

Boost the value of your business and/or command a more premium price.

Close sales more easily and reduce marketing costs.

Ensure your brand is unique, competitive & stand out.




CC CREATIVE offers bespoke branding packages specifically tailored to your business needs. We create beautiful branding that doesn't just attract your customers visually but that communicates your brands mission and values, and tells a story. We listen carefully to your goals and vision to ensure we create a brand that represents your business in every way and that will not just stand out but also make an impact.

Some examples of what our branding packages include; 

Bespoke logo suite, brand strategy, creative direction, font suite selection, collateral design, brand packaging and brand guidelines.



We know that each business have different needs therefor CC CREATIVE has created what we would like to call 'À la carte' design services, which acts as either add ons or can be booked individually. We believe that the power of good design can make a significant impact on your business and we know that one of the keys to a strong brand identity is cohesiveness, so we are here to help you achieve that!

Some examples of what type of 'À la carte' services we offer; 

Small stationary design, large stationary design, digital print design, digital collateral design and packaging design.




We believe that in the age we live in it is a necessity to have a website and an online presence in order to ensure the success of your business wether that be online or offline, this is a big part of how you connect with your audience and build credibility. However it's not enough to just have a website, you need a website design that captures your customers attention and offers a user-friendly experience from start to finish.

Some examples of what our web design packages include; 

Custom responsive web design, mobile responsive setup, creative direction, graphic design, backend setup and training.



Social media is an important part of any business today. A strong social profile makes you standout from the crowd and allows you to reach and engage with your target audience. It's how you connect with your customer and it will help build as well as generate brand awareness and sales. Social media is how many customers find new brands and it has the power to increase customer loyalty.


Some examples of what type of social media services we offer; 

Art direction, social media management, Instagram templates and content strategy.

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